Which ‘Game Of Thrones’ Dragons Are You?

Perhaps some of the most underrated characters in ‘Game of Thrones’ belong to The Mother of Dragons. And while they might have little to say, their tendency to swoop down at unexpected times, wreak havoc with intense fiery breath and protect dear old mom makes them pretty vital characters throughout the series. That, and their existence is kind of a major plotline. Take this quiz and see which scaly companion you're most like.

Created by Hollywood.com
On Sep 18, 2015

You’re trapped on a creepy island in the middle of nowhere. You immediately:

After a fight with one of your family members, you decide to:

You would describe your spirit as:

Someone taunts and teases a person that you love. Your reaction is to:

Your name comes from:

How would you describe your complexion?

What do you value most?

You are Viserion

You are Viserion

You’re a follower and prefer to be in a group, rather than brave this big bad world alone. When you are with others, your strengths shine through.

You are Rhaegel

You are Rhaegel

You may mean business but you also have a softer side. Some of your best strengths are logic and intuition.

You are Drogon

You are Drogon

You’re a leader and possibly the baddest of the bunch. Though you’re not to be messed with, you’re loyal and a natural protector.

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