How Well Do You Remember The First Episode Of 'Once Upon A Time'?

With the 100th episode of 'Once Upon A Time" fast approaching, it's time to see what you remember about the show's humble beginnings!
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On Jan 12, 2017
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Who is the first character to appear on screen?

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What were Snow's first words to Charming when she wakes up?

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At Snow and Charming's wedding, what does the Evil Queen announce as her plan?

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Where does Henry go to find Emma?

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What does Emma initially do for a living?

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How does Emma react upon meeting Henry for the first time?

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Where do Snow and Charming meet Rumplestiltskin to discuss the Evil Queen's curse?

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What does Regina offer Emma as a drink?

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Who greets Emma when she wakes up in her jail cell?

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Whose credit card does Henry use to find Emma?

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Mary Margaret gave Henry the book because she wanted to give him "the most important thing anyone can have." What is that thing?

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What does Charming say to Emma before putting her in the wardrobe?

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Where does Emma find Henry after he goes missing?

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Where does Emma stay for the night?

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What time does the clock change to at the end of the episode?

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