How Well Do You Remember The First Episode Of 'Arrow'?

Keep your bows at the ready and see how well you remember the first episode of "Arrow!"
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On Apr 17, 2016
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In Oliver's opening voiceover, what does he say is the English translation for "Lian Yu?"

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What's the name of the maid at Queen Manor?

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After Thea tells Oliver how much she missed him, what is his response?

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At the dinner table, Tommy catches Oliver up on current events. What does he NOT mention to Oliver?

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What does Oliver give Thea as a gift?

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What is the name of the villain Oliver goes against in the first episode?

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During the lair montage, what does Oliver NOT do?

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Which future member of Team Arrow does NOT appear in this episode?

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When Joanna tells Laurel that her "cute friend is here," who is she referring to?

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How old was Thea in this episode?

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