Are You ACTUALLY A '90s Kid?

Everyone likes to call themselves a '90s kid or '90s baby, but how good is your '90s knowledge really?
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On Apr 21, 2016

Which Beanie Baby is Amber?

How old did Tommy turn in the first season of Rugrats?

What are these?

Which of these '90s snacks can you still buy in regular stores?

Which game did Chris Evans model for?

What is this?

Who made these amazing markers?

Which of these DCOMs was released in the late '90s?

What does the M in MASH stand for?

Which is the name of an actual Mary Kate & Ashley movie?

How old did you have to be to to get a blockbuster card?

Which American Girl doll was retired first?

What year did Space Jam release?

You are a '90s Kid To The Core!

You are a '90s Kid To The Core!

DAMNNNN! The '90s gave you life. Only '90s kids can talk about the '90s, right?! Not only did you grow up in the '90s, you do everything you can to relive it daily. You even still wear scrunchies!

You are a '90s baby

You are a '90s baby

When we say baby, we mean you were an actual baby in the '90s. You remember some stuff, like fruit gushers, SkipIt, and watching Full House, but you don't remember all the details.

Are you sure you were born in the '90s?

Are you sure you were born in the '90s?

Were you born/alive during the '90s? Or do you just casually enjoy things from the '90s? You need to get on AOL and research, because you were clearly not paying attention (or alive)!