These Are the Best Moments of Ross and Rachel's Relationship in 'Friends'

Don't worry, we are NOT on a break.

Hernan Frankrajch
Created by Hernan Frankrajch
On Aug 18, 2021
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One of the biggest revelations to come out of the 'Friends' reunion was that, during the filming of the sitcom, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer did have romantic feelings for each other, but never got the timing right. Now things seem to be changing with rumors circling around them giving it a try.
That's why we thought to remember some unforgettable times in their characters' relationship.

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The reunion (first episode)

Although it was the first time that we met them, the beginning of the series also meant the reunion between these high school classmates, who at that time were both leaving their respective relationships, and the start of one of the most famous couples on TV.


The first kiss

What a moment of anticipation, finally all feelings were out in the open and it couldn't have happened in a better place, the Central Perk.


The prom

Here was where Rachel (and us!) truly fell for Ross. Seeing the video of how he was willing to take Rachel to prom only for him to get stood up by her is one of the most iconic emotional roller coasters in the series.


That time at the Planetarium

The first moment of intimacy can be difficult for any couple, and they were no exception.
From uncontrollable laughter to failed dates and much frustration, it only took a few boxes of grape juice and the stars in the lanetarium for the mood to be set.


The breakup

This one still hurts! After the fight that brought to life the infamous "we were on a break" and the revelation that Ross cheated on Rachel, we are witness to one of the most dramatic and real breakups in TV history.


18 pages

One of the most iconic moments where we thought the couple could finally get back together just to have it explode in our faces. Looking back it did make sense, between Ross lying and Rachel's excessive demands.


"I Ross, take thee, Rachel"

He said what?! We are in London, everything looks like Ross is finally going to marry Emily, and then, he has to go and drop this 5 letter bomb at the altar, excuse us while we pick up our jaws from the ground.


The wedding in Vegas

Just mix this couple + a lot of alcohol + Las Vegas + a permanent marker and you'll get one biggest twists from Friends. Who thought this is how we would finally see them at the altar?



It all may have started with a story about "Backpacking through Europe" and wine, with the arrival of Emma we thought that after Ross and Rachel had a daughter, the union of these two would finally be definitive... we never learn.


"I got off the plane"

The happy ending finally came to the couple with whom we lived for 10 years, of course, before they had to play with our emotions, putting us on edge with the suspense if Rachel would choose to go live in Paris or return with Ross.