Do you know Tennessee's Oldest Town?

Test your knowledge about Jonesborough, Tennessee. Do you know its long history and its storytelling past? Take this quiz to see if you know your facts.

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When was Jonesborough, Tennessee founded?

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Why was the town named after Willie Jones?

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Which territory or state was Jonesborough never a part of?

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Jonesborough is now known as the Storytelling Capital of The World. When was the first Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough?

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When did the railroad come to Jonesborough, Tennessee, allowing for easier transportation and boosting the economy of the town?

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In 1873 which epidemic wiped out 33 citizens of Jonesborough and caused many others to flee?

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What newspaper was first published in Jonesborough in 1820, focused solely on abolishing slavery?

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Which US President lived and worked in Jonesborough, TN before becoming president?

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Over time Jonesborough's original spelling switched to "Jonesboro" to save time and money for printing. In what year did the town officially switch back to "Jonesborough?"

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In what year was Downtown Jonesborough added to the National Register of Historic Places?

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