Go Back To School Shopping & We'll Tell You If You’re More Blair or Serena

The answer is probably already in your backpack.

Her Campus Media
On Jul 18, 2017

It’s time for Back to School shopping. What’s your mood?

What’s your school supplies shopping style?

What’s your go-to store for school supplies?

How will you carry all your books & supplies at school?

Pencils or pens?

Do you use a planner?

Pick a notebook.

What office supply can you not live without?

Do you need to buy flash cards?

Grab a travel mug so you can take your coffee on the go for all those early morning classes!

Now choose a desk accessory for all those late nights up studying.



You’re more like Blair! You’re ambitious, driven and ready to take on the world just like Queen B herself. Your killer organizational skills will keep you on top of your game this fall and make sure you have time for all those extracurriculars. You’re everyone’s go-to for an extra pen, details on the latest class assignment or some #girlboss advice.



Serena: You’re more like Serena! While you may not go crazy with school supplies or stay up all night studying, your laidback style means less stress this semester. Just like the Upper East Side’s It Girl, you know how to find the fun in any situation, and you don’t sweat the small stuff. Plus, your friends can always count on you to have the coolest, artsy notebooks or graphic pencil pouch.