How well do you know your musicals?

In 1968 this month the Broadway musical 'Hair' opened at the Biltmore Theatre in New York City. The show featured the songs 'Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In', 'Good Morning Starshine' and the title song. The production ran for 1,729 performances, finally closing on July 1st, 1972.

To celebrate here is a quiz that remembers some of the great musicals of the 60’s and 70’s

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In 1964 Hello Dolly was opened. It was based on the book 'The Matchmaker' and the original Dolly was?

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One of the all time great musicals is Grease. First performed in 1971 in Chicago, what year did it become a successful movie starring Olivia Newton John?

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One of the most controversial stage shows of it time was Hair which started its Broadway run in 1968. Which of these songs is not from the production?

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Jesus Christ Superstar was a 1971 production composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. What came first with this show was it?

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The original production of The Sound of Music was opened in 1959 and became a film in 1965. Who starred as Captain Von Trapp?

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The story is about a female club entertainer in Berlin, romancing two men while the Nazi party rises to power. What is the musical?

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Evita is another Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice production that centres around the life Eva Peron, the wife of the then Argentine leader Juan Peron, and the production is still playing around the world. When did it last show in New Zealand?

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Oliver the musical first staged in 1960. Who wrote the music?

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show was written by kiwi Richard O'Brien, who was living as an unemployed actor in London during the early 1970s . Who played the role of Narrator in the New Zealand 1986 production?

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One more about Hair the musical. The production broke new ground using a racially integrated cast, and become the first what?

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