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You did so well last time, so let's see how you do with these! Test your knowledge of POP Culture with Helen Doron Radio’s music news pop expert, Neely! Find out what your “Pop IQ" REALLY is!

Helen Doron Radio
On Mar 29, 2017
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Which of the following songs is NOT a Justin Bieber hit?

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Who was voted the highest earning couple in the music industry for 2015?

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Which artist got her start on the hit movie Camp Rock?

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Which female rap artist recently made waves with Miley Cyrus live during an awards show?

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Which female artist has a daughter named after a climbing plant?

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Which star set the stage for the dance move called the “twerk”?

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Which female pop star dated Justin Bieber and was the inspiration for his latest hit, “What Do You Mean”?

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Who is NOT a member of the Jonas Brothers?

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Which artist was born in Australia?

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What is the current number one song on the Billboard Top 100 Chart?

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