Are You Actually A Relationship Expert?

We all think we're experts, but this is NO easy set of questions! Only True love gurus will get a perfect score.

Heather Neill
Created by Heather Neill
On Oct 18, 2017
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In order to make your relationship last, should you be more similar or less similar than your partner?

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What benefit do you gain from cuddling?

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What's the number one factor that leads to divorce?

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What's the biggest turn-off during a date?

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How long does it take for you to decide if you like someone?

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In a long-term relationship, how long does the romantic love phase last?

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What facial feature will unconsciously cause your date to be attracted to you?

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What's the best color for men to wear on a date?

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True or False: Couples who meet online are more likely to stay together long-term.

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How many dates do couples go on before committing to an exclusive relationship?

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Are there more men on dating apps, or are there more women?

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At what phase of the relationship is cheating most likely to occur?

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In order to have a successful marriage, how long should you date?

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When looking for a long-term relationship, which trait should you be more attracted to?

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What point in the relationship is the most common time to break up?

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