Test Your Tom Jones Knowledge!

It's not unusual to have a soft spot for Welshman extraordinaire Mr Jones, but how well do you know his life and music? Find out here with Gold's fun quiz!

Created by Hearteditorial
On Mar 29, 2017
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By what name was Tom Jones born on 7 June 1940 in Glamorgan, South Wales?

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At what age did Tom first marry?

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What was the name of the Welsh beat group that Tom fronted on his rise to fame in 1963?

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What year did It's Not Unusual hit number one in the UK?

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When Tom started his Las Vegas shows in 1967, what were women famously reputed to throw at him?

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What was the name of the internationally successful television variety show that Tom presented from 1969 to 1971?

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What famous artist's song did Tom cover in the 1980s?

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When Tom released Reload, his album of collaborations, in 1999, what was the biggest single on the UK charts?

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In which film is Tom's music the only saviour for the human race, given it makes space aliens' heads explode?

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And finally, which of the below is a genuine Tom Jones quote?

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