Is He The One?

Is that new guy you're dating Mr. Right … or Mr. Not a Chance In Hell? Take our quiz to find out if you're compatible enough to make it work.

Hearst Digital Media
Created by Hearst Digital Media
On Nov 8, 2018

When you two fight...

How do those conversations about your future together usually go?

What is your couple vacation style?

What do your friends think of him?

When you go shopping…

When you're sick...

He likes you best…

Do your families get along?

His friends...

What are your favorite books?

My fantasy guy is…

When it comes to food...

Mr. Maybe

Mr. Maybe

Slow this love train down. The two of you are still getting to know each other, and until you've seen each other at your very worst — and best — your long-run compatibility is questionable. You need to do a little more research and give the relationship a lot more time before you even consider taking a walk down the aisle.

Mr. Right

Mr. Right

Congrats! You've found yourself a great match. It's clear that the two of you have made it through the tough stuff, and you recognize that a good relationship has its ups and downs. Plus, you have a clear picture of who you've fallen in love with and have managed to find that ever-elusive balance of passion, respect, and honesty.

Mr. So-Wrong-It's-Right

Mr. So-Wrong-It's-Right

You're complete opposites, but it's clear that your relationship is really passionate. Whether or not your love can withstand the conflict wrought by your different personalities and world views, though, is something only time will tell. So, enjoy the roller coaster, but keep your head on your shoulders.

Mr. Wrong

Mr. Wrong

This relationship is in red flag city. Don't fall into the trap of being in "love" for loves' sake. He's clearly the wrong guy for you, so don't be afraid to stroll out on your own — you might need some time alone to figure out who you are before you hitch yourself to someone else.