Prosthetics Medical Billing, A Complication Made Easy

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On Dec 11, 2018
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Sunknowledge Services Inc has been instrumental in re-shaping the domain of prosthetics medical billing in a big way. The medical billing company that was started in the year 2007 has crossed more than a decade’s time in the business. In the process it has earned the name and credibility of the most dependable RCM company in the united states. Our clients include some of the best medical service providers whom we have been serving with 100% client satisfaction and zero attrition rate. Out of these is Prosthetics Medical Billing which is one of our top priorities in the practice portfolio.

Prosthetics are artificial objects made to enhance the physical attributes of the patient on the prescription of the doctor. We being a proficient prosthetics billing company, we deal with an eclectic mix of prosthetics goods which we bill for. They are splints, bards and braces, shoes and insoles, collars, corsets and supports, bandages and calipers, prosthetic knees. We offer exclusive benefits to our prosthetics clients like 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliance, 97% accounts receivable collections, 70% reduction in billing costs, a free 30 day trial period for the first 30 RCM clients of the company, low service fees at $7 per hour with prior auth charges included in it, free medical software, real time audit and custom reporting, excellent client references across the states, real time eligibility checks and fast authorization and no lock up service contract.

The essentials of prosthetics medical billing that must be met before the practice are a prescription from the ordering physician followed by time limit considerations as mentioned in the policy regarding the supply of the goods and the compensation rules, billing of appropriate modifiers, the various letters and diagnostic reports of the prosthetic requirements justifying the prescription and finally billing of the repairs, replacement and supplies.

Our accounts managers are available working throughout the year to attend to enquiries by our prospective clients. You can also log in to our website to know more about our services. We are always open to providing customized solutions to our client’s billing demands.