Dr. Dipak Nandi’s Sunknowledge Services Inc. Offers an Excellent Opportunity to be a Part of the Telemedicine Revolution

Dr. Dipak Nandi shares his knowledge of Telemedicine, the future of healthcare – and how Sunknowledge Services Inc. has offered a brilliant proposition to leverage the technology.

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On May 21, 2018
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According to the reputed psychiatrist and the Director of Sunknowledge Services Inc., Dr. Dipak Nandi, keeping up with the technological advancement in all aspects of the modern life, healthcare services demand the same and the concept of Telemedicine is a result of the recent healthcare technological revolutions that are taking place.
Dr. Nandi explains that healthcare consumers, already habituated with online transactions have started to buy into the idea of telemedicine. For a quick reference, Telemedicine has been conceptualized as an alternative mode to treat patients located in remote places without proper medical facilities. Telemedicine has been hugely helped by the advancement of mobile technology. Various health apps and consumer-friendly mobile/portable medical devices have brought the patients close to the technology to monitor and track their health status, all by themselves. If the consumers can now understand they can also take large, well-researched decisions on their mobile devices, then physicians can make decisions for them too through the use of that technology. It is, in this modern times’ context is simple and convenient yet a revolutionary inception in the healthcare domain.
According to experts, approximately $3 trillion is spent every year on healthcare and can be reduced through a strategic application of Telemedicine. Telemedicine is also changing medical billing. Very soon, more and more beneficiaries of Telemedicine can deal with medical claims in a hassle-free way.
Toeing in that line, Sunknowledge Services Inc. is offering their Telemedicine platform completely free to clients, opting for their Revenue Cycle Management solutions, which is already famed to be the best one in the industry. Sunknowledge Services has extended its specialty to provide the best Telemedicine franchise, creating a huge business opportunity and creating awareness at the same time. Sunknowledge Service’s franchise system (GoTelecare) is the only one that doesn’t need any additional fee and but a one-time and all-inclusive starting charge. While other Telemedicine franchisee providers’ demands separate charges for the software, training, etc. GoTelecare’s model is a ready-to-start business one.
Dr. Nandi underlines his company’s effort to fulfill customer satisfaction – “We are so much concerned with our clients’ service protection that we, as the only company, providing our clients a Hiscox Insurance coverage up to $1 million for any error of omission & commission committed at our end. We also provide the best medical billers and coders staffing solutions at the cheapest rates.”
Dr, Nandi signs off with "In just a few years’ time, Telemedicine will be a regular extension of a patient’s regular care.