50 States Quiz

Take the US states quiz and test your knowledge on the 50 states.

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On Apr 28, 2019
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Which US state is the largest in terms of square mileage?

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TRUE or FALSE: The Carolinas split into North and South AFTER the ratification of the US Constitution.

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California, before the 1840s, was part of which nation?

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This state is known as the "Show Me" state.

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The Battle of Yorktown, which ended the American War of Independence, took place in which state?

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Which US Territory is most likely to become the 51st United State?

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Which of these southern states did NOT secede from the Union in the Civil War?

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What was the 14th state of the Union, and the first to join after the ratification of the US Constitution?

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Which of these states do the Rockies NOT fall in?

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Which of these US states is the only one that was its own sovereign nation after 1800?

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Which of these states was NOT one of the original thirteen colonies?

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Which of these state capitals is NOT the largest city in the state?

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Which U.S. Territory has the highest rate of US Military enlistment?

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The "Bleeding Kansas" conflicts in the mid-19th century was fought due to...

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TRUE or FALSE: State secession was first discussed by Federalists at the Hartford Convention of 1814.

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TRUE or FALSE: The Compromise of 1850 definitively solved the problem of Slavery in the United States.

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The first successful English colony of Jamestown was founded in which modern US state?

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Which US state has the largest population today?

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During which US conflict was West Virginia given statehood?

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What is the most recent state to join the Union?

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Which was the first state to ratify the US Constitution?

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