How Well Balanced Are You?

Do you really have your life together?

Harriet Stevenson
On Mar 29, 2017

I have a lot of free time on my hands.

I look forward to every day.

There are no people in my life (at home or at work) who drain me.

I love my home (location, contents, the feel, the style).

I don't have any clutter or messiness in my life.

I often pursue what I want instead of what I should do.

I have a lot of casual sex.

I do not work on weekends.

I get enough hours of sleep a night.

I have enough hobbies or pastimes outside of my work and family activities.

I eat foods that make me feel energized instead of sluggish.

I carry no heavy emotional burdens or addictive behaviors.

You are fairly balanced!

You are fairly balanced!

Your life is fairly balanced! You are lacking in some areas, and over indulging in other, but that's pretty normal!

You are not a very organized person, you find comfort in clutter and you have your own unique system of keeping your life in order. You enjoy having fun and have a vibrant, social-oriented personality. But when it comes to your education and career you are always responsible and on track.

You are totally balanced!

You are totally balanced!

You are totally balanced! You have a type A personality where you are always in control and on top of things. You make sure that all areas of your life from your health & wellness, your finances, your career, your family and your other relationships get equal amounts of your attention and energy.

Although this benefits you in many ways and gives you ease that your life is flowing calmly, sometimes it wouldn't hurt to disrupt your routine a little! You don't always enjoy or give yourself the relaxation you deserve because you are so busy juggling everything else. If you give yourself some more credit and reward, your life will be totally zen.

You are not very balanced!

You are not very balanced!

You are not very balanced! Your life is pretty chaotic and you like to indulge in certain areas while refraining in others. You have tons of potential, but you sometimes waste your untapped energy and skills on things that give you pleasure rather than contribute productively to your life. People like you who experience disorder in their lives are usually extremely creative and intelligent, both qualities which can be channeled for success if balanced properly with other aspects of your life.