Only 5% Of Americans Have Paid Attention To Trump's First 100 Days, Have You?

It's been 100 days since President Trump took office! Have you been following what has been going on in the political world or not? This quiz tests your poilitical knowledge and determines whether you can tell the difference between a real headline or a fake one! Good luck!

Harold Hammershlag
On Apr 30, 2017

True or not: Trump called Pavarotti a "great friend," but he's been dead for nearly a decade

True or not: EPA chief Scott Pruitt plagiarized a Chevron press release

True or not: Senator McCain is lone Republican Senator to vote to preserve the filibuster

True or false: Spicer: Hitler "didn't even sink to using chemical weapons"

True or false: Neither Donald Trump nor Sean Spicer seem to know that Frederick Douglass is dead

Speaker Ryan says President Trump will "be better for women" than Obama

Donald Trump watches Finding Dory while America protests his immigration ban

Sean Spicer: "Donald Trump doesn't own a bathrobe"

Donald Trump doesn't know how to spell Chinese President's name

Mar-a-Lago is now advertising on Air BnB

Trump doesn't know what executive order he signed

Kellyanne Conway apologizes to CNN for fake massacre remark

Donald Trump's White House aides "confer in the dark as they cannot operate light switches"

President Trump starts every morning with a mug of hot chocolate in bed

Donald Trump used a phone flashlight to read a briefing on a North Korea missile test

You are extremely informed!

You are extremely informed!

Congratulations!! You are part of the 5% of people who are actually informed regarding the political world and you have kept a close eye on Trump's first 100 days! You understand how important it is in these times to be informed about what is going on in the world! Due to this understanding... you will never be fooled by fake news/headlines! Good for you!

You have no interest in Trump's 100 days!

You have no interest in Trump's 100 days!

Trump's 100 days and politics in general does not interest you in the least! You are more concerned with what is happening within your inner circle. You are more creative and you prefer to invest your time and knowledge in subjects that impact your life!