What Rock Star Suite Are You?

Each of Hard Rock Hotel San Diego’s 17 individually-styled Rock Star Suites is as unique as the guests inhabiting them. Are you ultra-glam and impeccably fashioned, always the center of attention or a hard core rock ‘n’ roller at heart? Take our quiz and find out which luxury Rock Star Suite you should be chilling in this season. Let’s Play!

HardRockHotel San Diego
On Nov 9, 2015

What is your favorite adult beverage?

What is your favorite music genre?

When you get to your hotel room, what is the first thing you do?

If you could join one band, it would be:

What do you look for first in a hotel?

What is your typical Friday night?

Your theme-song is:

Pick your dream ride.

Who is your favorite frontwoman in history?

What do you notice first about a potential date?

What is your favorite meal?

Your dream vacation is:

What is your sleep style?

Who are you vacationing with?

What is your favorite reality show?



You enjoy an indulgent level of elegance and luxury. Ever the sophisticate, you rarely leave home without looking your best. A connoisseur of culture, you are most likely found impeccably-styled, enjoying a nice dinner and fine wine with your closest friends. Your Pinterest board boasts exotic locales, designer clothing and interior design. With unparalleled views of the surrounding cityscape, enough room for an intimate get together, lavish tub and sparkling accents and textiles, the Multi-Platinum suite perfectly suits your love of the finer things. Consider dining at Nobu San Diego and booking a Celebrity Oxygen Facial during your stay.

Diamond Suite

Diamond Suite

You are the true definition of a Rock Star. You enjoy being the life of the party, and for you, the party never stops. You travel with an entourage and command attention wherever you go. A little flashy? Maybe. But that is the way you like it – the good life – fast cars, a party space, and late nights out. You love to entertain and nothing is too good for you and your friends. With two bedrooms and two and-a-half baths, a huge wraparound terrace, chic design, plenty of room for entertaining and even a private Jacuzzi overlooking downtown, the Diamond Suite accommodates your live-life-to-the-fullest mantra. May we recommend a table at 207?

Black Eyed Peas

Black Eyed Peas

You are laid back and you have your own personal style that sets you apart from the crowd. You are flexible, enjoying a night chilling with friends, strumming your guitar solo or enjoying an open-air concert. Everyone loves you because you really just want to have a good time, and you always have a smile on your face. Just like you, the Black Eyed Peas suite is unique – the only suite to contain memorabilia, and you’ll love that proceeds from the room go to the iconic band’s charity The Peapod Foundation. Plush furnishings, funky décor and premier views of Woodstock Terrace make this suite equal parts party, play and relax – which is perfect for your even-keeled temperament. You might consider checking out a complimentary Fender guitar to use during your stay.