Test Your Cheese IQ Here!

How well do you know your cheese? Do you hardly know what cheese you put in your mouth, know everything about it, or are you completely OBSESSED? Sorry if you dislike this quiz because, I am a child. Tell me what you think in the comments!

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On Jun 4, 2016

This quiz will have 3 questions at a time with one question in between. Ready?

Which is stronger: Gorgonzola or Brie?

Are all parts of Brie cheese edible?

Which of the following cheeses was made in France?

Do you ever start a conversation about cheese with your friends and/or family?

Where is the best place to find Extra Sharp Cheddar?

How do you get milk to make Buffalo Cheese?

Which of the following types of cheese is it safe to trim mold from?

True or false: Shredded cheese is generally more expensive than a block of cheese.

Do you like cheese?

The Älgens Hus farm in Bjurholm, Sweden, is to be the world's only known producer of cheese from what animal?

What has Wisconsin recently started doing with its excess cheese?

True or false: You can be arrested for eating certain cheeses

You know almost nothing about it!

You know almost nothing about it!

Why did you take this quiz? You know basically nothing about cheese!



You are a master of cheese! You must take cheese like some take math. Great job!



Do you love cheese like I do? You must know a lot about it! Plus, you probably eat it a lot too!

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