Which Ancient Society Would You Be Sacrificed In?

You've probably never wondered what ancient society would ritually sacrifice you, but if you have, it's time to get excited. This is just the quiz for you!

Hannah Wilton
Created By Hannah Wilton
On Jun 12, 2017

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How much do you know about human sacrifice?

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What are your opinion on kids?

Someone interrupts you, what do you do?

Which ancient belief speaks to you the most?

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Would you rather water ski or cross country ski?

Moche/Inca Empire

Moche/Inca Empire

If you are a child (ages 6-15) you will be drugged and bludgeoned or bled to death. If not, you are a prisoner of war who was just captured. You are bled to death and your blood is consumed by the highest leaders.

Aztec/Maya Empire

Aztec/Maya Empire

You are a political or war prisoner. You will most likely be killed by decapitation if you are female. If not, your heart will be removed and you will be bled to death. Then you will be rolled down the temple stairs and skinned (if you are lucky). Either way, it's going to hurt a lot.



If you are a child, you will be sacrificed by bludgeoning. If you are not a child, you are safe from being sacrificed! Lucky you! Just be careful where you move, human sacrifice is a global phenomenon.

Hawaiian Empire

Hawaiian Empire

You interrupt a sacred ceremony and have to be sacrificed to the gods in order to make amends for the trouble you have caused. You might be bludgeoned and your blood will be consumed.