Which Of The Belcher Siblings Are You?

Is Tina Belcher TRULY your spirit animal? You might be Gene or Louise instead.

Hannah Toner
Created By Hannah Toner
On Dec 15, 2015

If you were to work at Bob's Burgers, what would you most want to do?

Which parent are you closest to?

What is your creative outlet?

Which hobby would you give a try?

Are you romantic?

Which feature do you find most attractive?

What sounds like the most fun to you?

Which of these characters would you most want with you on an epic quest?

If you were to dye your hair a rainbow color, which would you pick?

Finally, what do you think of My Little Ponies?



You are most like Gene Belcher, outgoing and totally spunky! An abstract person in general, you think outside the box! You are fabulous and your friends can always rely on you to tell a great joke or tell a brilliant story. You are a great tussle-receiver; don't ever change.



You are most like Tina Belcher, quirky and adorably awkward. Although you can be more quiet than your peers, your mind is colorful and imaginative. Your romantic, idealistic nature makes you entirely lovable. You are a strong, smart sensual woman; don't let anyone bring you down.



You are most like Louise Belcher, an off-beat but incredibly clever person. The #1 thing you can't stand is an idiot, and you want to live a life filled with action and excitement. Your ambition and headstrong attitude will carry you far. You were the reason faces were invented.