Can We Guess If You're Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter Or Star Wars?

People who favor one of these fandoms over the other tend to have similar personality traits; can we guess which is yours?

Hannah Sarenpa
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On Mar 29, 2017

Which personality trait appeals to you more in a lover?

Which word do you like most?

Which do you use to make choices more?

You would describe yourself as:

Pick an animal:

Your flaw is:

Pick an object:

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Oh boy. You Harry Potter fans are scary. You can be ultra sentimental. You are fiercely, doggedly, zealously loyal to your fandom... and anything else you are passionate about. You are highly idealistic and justice is #1 to you.

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the Rings

As a LotR fan, you are probably a many-layered personage. You've probably thought that every place on the map of Middle Earth describes your personality; The Shire for your love of coziness, Lothlorien for its pure, holy magic, Gondor for its sophistication, and heaven forbid someone wanders into the Mordor of your soul. You love homeyness but you also yearn for adventure. You would defend what is good and right if it killed you; beauty means everything to you. You are most likely an introvert and like thinking about things deeply.

Star Wars

Star Wars

You are analytical, no-nonsense, and intelligent. You love the sheer grandeur of the universe and you like figuring things out.

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