Which Deity Of Love Is Helping You Find Love?

Love is a year-round venture - so who's guiding you?

Hana Kyoko
Created by Hana Kyoko
On Feb 25, 2016

When did you first fall in love?

Did you end up dating that person?

Which sounds the most like what you do when crushing?

Do you think people crush on you a lot?

What type of people do you generally attract?

Which quality are you attracted to the most (and be honest!)?

Choose the couple you think looks best together.

Which couple looks the least best?

Which of the following are you interested in?

Choose a number:



Aphrodite is, perhaps, the most popular deity to ever to be attributed to love. She represents everything that's romantic - the idea of fairy tale love, even. She guides someone to a love that can take them over, leave them absorbed (and maybe obssessed).

Aphrodite is helping you find lovve!

But watch out, that woman has been cheating on her ugly husband Hephaestus since bread got sliced She is the goddess of love, but she surely isn't anti-adultery. You should be mindful of the love she is helping you find, and I assure you there will be a few bad eggs (You've probably already eaten a couple!).

But once she leads you to the right one, it will be the RIGHT one - rest assured.

Eros (Cupid)

Eros (Cupid)

Apparently you have this little goof ball following you around. I bet you have some funny relationships, huh?

I would be a little worried if Cupid was helping me - he has an odd tendency to miss when he's shooting those arrows. You're probably attracting a lot of attention that you don't even want.

The good news is that Cupid is a firm believer in love, and that one day his arrows won't miss - and that special someone will be head over hills for you.

But... *cough* good luck with that.



Didn't expect to see the god of music here, did ya?

Well - Apollo is all about pleasant surprises, a lot like your love life. Maybe you haven't found them yet, maybe you have, but you'll be meeting them in a place where music lives. I have no idea what that means, but that's what Apollo told me to tell you.

Maybe you should go out clubbing?

Or maybe... just maybe... when you're with that special someone, you can put on a special song - Apollo has got your back. Try it!

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