Which Classic Pokemon Would You Have?

It's time to start your Pokemon adventure, which one will you be leaving Prof. Oak's laboratory with?

Hana Kyoko
Created by Hana Kyoko
On Feb 26, 2016

Which kind of pokeball would you catch your first pokemon with?

What do you think it looks like inside a Pokeball?

Which sounds the most like you?

Which mostly sounds like someone you can't stand!?

Choose the Pokemon type that fits your personality!

Which Pokemon region are you from?

Choose a friend to go with you on your journey!

A word that describes you? (Don't you just imagine them saying, "I say, Old Bean!"

What is a word that describes a feature about yourself that you don't like all the time?

Which legendary Pokemon are you aiming for?



Pikachu is the world's favorite rodent! We all know his electrifying and loyal relationship with Ash, the forever-boy (because it's been almost 20 years and he obviously isn't a day past 15 - pretty creepy if you ask me, but that's besides the point).

Pikachu is fun, loving, and most importantly, loyal - just like you. You can sometimes be a bit stubborn, but so can Pikachu! It's a Pokemon match made in Pokemon heaven!

So go out and buy some rubber... a lot of it. You're probably going to get shocked on the regular. Only the Pokemon gods know how Ash doesn't have some brain problem from all that electrotherapy... or maybe that's why it looks like he hasn't aged a day in over 10 years?



Bulbasaur is TOO cute. He's like a little turtle garden that smells nice that you can carry around. Get a little bed that looks like a pot and you're on the train to TooCuteVille!

You are reasonable, pleasant, and calm. You understand the subtleties in your surroundings and you work off of them very well. Bulbasaur would be your perfect first Pokemon.

Then, when he evolves, you get a giant turtle!



First and foremost, he LOOKS just like a Pokeball - and that's two pointsin your court anyway. Secondly, he's the type who likes big finishes and dramatic exits. He also has a tendency to explode... often.

Just like you, he's spicy, passionate, and pretty quick to fight for what he believes in. You two can go off on people together when they've pissed you off!

The trick is, I would go to your local mall and buy some armor - you wouldn't want your eyebrows getting burned off in the process. There are few things work than eyebrow-less Pokemon trainers!



Squirtle is not only a great Pokemon name for some X-rated jokes, it's also the best companion for someone who is calm, collected, and cool! You can totally put aside the fact that his name sounds like a porno because once he evolves he'll look GREAT in some cool shades?

You are collected and you keep it cool - it's not something that most people tend to pull off nowadays. You're not interested in being overly flashy or doing too much, you focus on staying true to yourself.

Unlike with quite a few of the other Pokemon, you won't need military level protection from Squirtle. But you might need some other type of protection... get it!? Keep your mind out of the gutter!



You are sweet, and rather charming - but you have a lazy side to you that can't really be ignored. That's not particularly a bad thing - some people like to take it slow.

That's why your perfect Pokemon would be Slowpoke! I mean, could it get any better? You two can take your time together! It's a very, very pink color - so I'm sure you'll attract a lot of pleasant attention.

He also becomes a BAD A** psychic when some crusty sea shell bites his tail! Just take a trip to your nearest, most ratchet beach!



Clefairy is undeniably the most magical Pokemon that was ever first introduced. The makers apparently didn't think it was enough for her to look like a little puff ball, but she is pretty good at dancing and magic tricks too!

You are whimsical, playful, and strange in the best type of way. You may tend to keep to yourself, but that's likely because a lot of people around you wouldn't understand anyway. That's the price to pay when you're so naturally creative, I guess?

Anywho, I also guess you'll need some nail polish - there is a rumor that Clefairies like to get their nails painted? Maybe pick a color that'll match your eyes (lol)?



(starts to rap)
"When I giggle, call me Jigglypuff!
I'll start to rap, don't you see that I'm tough!?
When I start to sing, I know you'll have enough~!

Ok- okay, that's enough of that mess.

That should totally explain Jigglypuff to you! She's weird, loud, and quite proud about it - just like you! She is always herself, and has a magnetic ability of attracting the people around her (she tracks them down sometimes, too).

I will save you a few unwanted naps... buy some earplugs - buy some good ones. Jigglypuff just LOVES to sing people to sleep, she'll totally write on your face if you piss her off (her microphone, that she pulls from thin air, I mind you, converts into a marker). Fun fact.




Meowth will be written down as the first Pokemon we have ever met that can genuinely talk. The magic about him is that he didn't particularly do anything crazy or amazing, he studied and he worked hard! This then brings the notion that ALL Pokemon should be able to talk, not just a certain jewel cat species (but seriously!).

You are fun, loyal, and a bit of a jerk when you want to be. It's alright though, I'm sure you can go off and be the next Team Rocket! The Pokemon world needs the villains that get their butt kicked, too!

Just go buy some ugly tights and a hideous hair dye and you'll be halfway there! Then make of some stupid name that has nothing to do with your organization and they might as well give you the job now!

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