The Stripper Test! How Good Would You Be On The Poles!?

All you need is a pole and a few stiff drinks!

Hana Kyoko
Created By Hana Kyoko
On Jun 5, 2017

Think about a stripper name, what flavor do you think fits it best?

Which color would fit your outfit?

Name of the place you want to work?

What hours do you want your stripper schedule to be?

What type of clientele will you work for?

Let's take a break from the stripper-ness so you can pick out a French pastry!

Are you cream filled? (I laugh every time I read this question! I need to be stawwwwwped! LOL! But to be fair, I did just ask you about pastries!)

Covered in chocolate, or not covered in chocolate? (you get it? The box is covered? Hah!)

Are you an OG? How many years have you been in the stripper business?

Thanks for being silly with me! Take your favorite pole as a gift!

Theodore Doodoo

Theodore Doodoo

Hey Theo!

We all know that you're doing this because you ran into a few rough patches, and that's alright! You've decided to break it down like it's warm at the Senior Care Home, but the grandma's couldn't take the heat~

While I don't think you're meant for the poles, you do make a mean tuna casserole! Think about being a chef!

Bam Bee

Bam Bee

Named after that sweet little Deer, I can't promise you a life of being the hottest stripper the forest has ever seen - but I can say that you strike me as a playful, charming personality.

No, it's not time to buy some short-shorts and hone your upper body strength, but being a sweetheart is an even greater strength!

That being said, the lifting of a few weights wouldn't hurt lol

Lexus Who Is Nexus?

Lexus Who Is Nexus?


I knew it was Lexus when I heard that engine coming to my door! You're no joke! You know how to rev up their motors! You've been in the game and you know how to get it going and keep it going!

They don't call you Lexus Who Is Nexus for nothing, you're always ready for round two!

Roxy Chyna

Roxy Chyna

I didn't know Chyna would be stopping by to take my little quiz!

How are you!? Last time I saw you, you were in Hawaii doing a fire stripper dance! You are adventurous, wild, and always ready for a good time! But you're different from the others, and you're smarter than you'd like to show the people around you - but you can't fool me!

I'll see you when you go to Bangkok - get it!? HAH!

Brock Chocolate

Brock Chocolate

(that sculpture above is made entirely from chocolate!)

Hey Brock!

You're the stripper everyone goes to when they want something sweet and creamy~ You're relaxed, smooth, and always keep it cool (because you'd melt if you didn't).

Brock Chocolate likes to keep it mysterious, you can say he likes to keep it covered. Get it? Covered in chocolate? HAH!

Candi Rayne

Candi Rayne

Candi! I wonder what the head stripper is doing here!? Everyone knows how in touch, creative, and resourceful you are.

You are the creme de la creme! The best of the stripping best! The second you get on the floor everybody's pockets are empty in a matter of minutes! There are even stories that you might be opening up your own stripper business.

What are you thoughts for what we should name it? I like "Booty Shaker" because it sounds scandalous~

What do you think?