How Comfortable Are You With Your Sexuality?

Are you proud to be who you are, or maybe you have a few questions about what you're attracted to? Take this quiz and find out!

Hana Kyoko
Created By Hana Kyoko
On Jul 21, 2015

Have you ever had any type of intimate contact with someone of a different gender?

Have you ever had intimate contact with someone of the same gender?

Your close friend (of the same gender) forgot their towel. You see them come out the bathroom naked. Which of the following fits your response best?

If you were a man (assuming that you are not one already), would you sleep in the same bed as a male friend?

This is a famous drag queen sensation Ru Paul, which of the following is your reaction?

Pick the picture you're drawn to:

Pretend you're a female (assuming that you're not one already) and imagine your female friend tells you that they're in love with you! What's closest to your reaction?

How would you feel about your child being born with a different sexual orientation as you?

Which of the following would you consider yourself?

Are you the only one with your sexual orientation raised in your house?

You, Meet Yourself!

You, Meet Yourself!

No, this is not a bad thing. This means that you need to take some time to yourself and get down to the nitty gritty of what you’re attracted to.

What are you comfortable around? Who are you comfortable around? What are you NOT comfortable around? Why aren’t you comfortable around that, and IS that something that limits you? Go to your favorite place and think about it.

Even in the morning before you put on your outfit to save the world, look in the mirror and ask yourself these questions. Are you able to answer back clearly? Do you believe the answers yourself? And if not, what are you trying to convince yourself of?

This is a sign that you have some soul searching to do and that the answers you’ve chosen aren’t entirely aligned with how someone who is comfortable with their sexuality would answer. Certain things are affecting you in ways that you may not fully understand – so this is definitely worth an exploration!

I’m told Yourself is one HECK of a hide-and-seek player, so good luck finding them!

Maaaaaybe A Little Curious?

Maaaaaybe A Little Curious?

Maaaaaaaaaybe you’re a little curious?

And this doesn’t mean turn on the red lights, do the emergency dance, or blow out the candles. This means that some of your answers leave a few loose ends when it comes to be being comfortable with your sexuality.

You are still most definitely a genuine and honest person, but there may be a few things that you’re not noticing. For instance, pay attention to the people around you and how you feel about them. Perhaps a spark you didn’t see coming is worth exploring. Or perhaps you have a hidden long-time love that you’ve yet to pursue? You can never know for sure, but we think there is room to be explored - we think there is something about yourself to be curious about.

This doesn’t mean that you should question what you’re attracted to, this just means that you should ask yourself three questions:

1. Who do I like?
2. Why do I like them?
3. Does that REALLY make me happy?

And when you answer all three of those proudly you will be well on your way to the comfy couch of “I love myself”!

Comfy As Can Be!

Comfy As Can Be!

I hope you're enjoying yourself on your couch of awesomeness!

You are as comfortable as can be! Maybe sometimes you'll have a few minor questions, maybe even a flicker of interested here and there - but you know precisely what you're attracted to. You don’t need the reaffirmation of the people around you, even if they will share their opinions with you anyway.

You are not bothered be trivial matters and are very much in touch with your sexuality. It takes someone who is comfortable in their own sexuality to truly accept people of other sexualities – and you have no problem there!

This means that you are patient and driven. You know that the best way to live life to the fullest is to let people do what makes them happy and it's a beauty thing!

Oh, no… no! Don’t get up on my account! Let’s watch a movie on the great couch of metaphorical confines!