Can You Pass The X-Men Superfan ULTIMATE Trivia?

You'll need a few mind readers to beat this one!

Hana Kyoko
Created by Hana Kyoko
On Jun 9, 2016
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Fair Warning:

I did my UTMOST to make this difficult. To get the highest score, you will NEED to have a fairly extensive grasp of uncommon knowledge of the X-Men. Anyone can get a few right by chance, but only a true superfan will earn the superfan title.

I MIGHT be generous with a FEW easy questions, but this is the only freebie that I'll be giving you.

Good luck, you WILL need it.

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What is Victor Creed's code name? (and no, you won't be getting a picture of him - so I'll just leave Storm here looking fierce)

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What does Wolverine usually call Gambit?

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What is the name of the X-Men's ship? (Hint: Don't just a plane by its cover...)

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What happened to Morph?

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Who did Bishop think the traitor was? (Hint: definitely a Superfan question)

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Who was the traitor really? (X-Traitor series)

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Who calls Gambit "Swamp Rat"? (Clearly, Gambit gets called many names lol)

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What colors are in Rogue's main X-men uniform?

(I hope you didn't think there would be a picture of Rogue here... >_> )

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Which one of these X-Men has Wolverine NOT been romantically paired with? (Doesn't look very romantic to me...)

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Who was Rogue's first boyfriend? (Hint: cheesy song from rapper with a cake flavor name)

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What is Storm's phobia? (Totally an easy one.)

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What game does Gambit always seem to be playing in his short scenes within a certain X-Men movie?

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Who is Professor X's half-brother?

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Which 3 X-men were sent to slave island? (Superfan Level)

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Whose powers did Rogue absorb relatively permanently, resulting in... some alien stuff?

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Who did Mystique have a son with?

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What is Wolverines birth name?

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What pet does Kitty Pride get?

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What happened to Toad in the first X-Men movie?

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Who are all of Nightcrawler's sibling(s)?

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Whose car did Wolverine take when he and the others fled Striker's attack on the X-mansion in X2?

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What does Professor Xavier say has allowed mankind to develop from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet?

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Magneto's correct name? (Fun fact: my middle name is Petty Betty.)

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We can end with how it all began, when did "The X-Men #1" debut?

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