What does your style say about you?

Vocativ analyzes your fashion preferences–and sheds some light on the person you really are..

Hali Berman
Created by Hali Berman
On Mar 29, 2017

I'm rocking the '70s fringe trend like:

This is my idea of a statement coat:

Hey, this looks just like my #squad:

Upping my shoe game =

My go-to app during Fashion Week (and beyond) is:

This is my bag:

And here's what's inside:

You are a play-it-safe stylista.

You are a play-it-safe stylista.

You prefer small groups over crowds any day, and tend to gravitate toward “safer” styles that steal the spotlight–but that’s far from a bad thing. After all, it probably means that in the long run your wardrobe will feature more forever finds–like say a Burberry trench–and less wear-it-once trend pieces.

You are fashion's true wild child.

You are fashion's true wild child.

Cue the paparazzi because you’re practically a walking street style moment! Getting gutsy and taking (fashionable) risks is what you live for–oh, and your clique, too. Just beware of buys without lasting power. After all, who wants to wind up with a closet of has-beens?