Can We Guess Which Country You're From?

Greg Summers
Created By Greg Summers
On Nov 1, 2018
Where do you spend most of your average day?OtherThe Beach At home Out and aboutAt workTraveling What is the weather like in your country right now? Hot & Humid Sunny Windy Cold and rainy OtherDid your country's national football team make it to this year's world cup games?NoYesWhat is the most talked about subject in your country right now?Wars around the world Pop culture newsWorkplace Laws OtherThe weather The economical state Would you move to another country if you could? YesNoIn your opinion, what is the most inspiring thing about your country?The HistoryOther The Nature The People The Weather The Culture Pick the dessert that reminds you of home: TiramisuNone of theseApple pie Crème brûlée Custard tartTropical Fruit How would you describe the people in your country?KindSnobsLoudReservedCalmWarmDo you consider your country to be a religious country? I don't really knowNoYesWhich item of clothing would be most useful in your country? Hat Jeans Bathing suit Scarf OtherBlazer Which of these is most important to you in your life?HappinessLoveFreedomSuccess