401(k) Plans for Small Business Owners

There are 4 main advantages that 401k plan provides for your company making it valuable tax planning tool as well as an important employee benefit.

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Qualified Plans

Qualified plans, such as a 401(k) plan, offer excellent benefits for small business owners. These plans can provide a multitude of tax advantages that combine to deliver far more tax leverage than most people may imagine.

Here is a list of the advantages a 401(k) plan may provide for your company:

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The Bottom Line

While an obvious advantage to a 401(k) and other qualified plans is the ability to take a deduction today and postpone paying taxes until tomorrow, it is clearly not the only advantage. Even more important is the ability to invest employee retirement funds on a tax-deferred basis. As a result, whether tax rates remain the same or increase, a 401(k) plan remains a valuable tax planning tool for small business owners.

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