Do you know your motorsport video games?

With the release of Motorsport Manager next month, take a trip down memory lane and test your knowledge on these classic motorsport and racing games!

Created By GPF1RST
On Aug 19, 2016
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How many games have been released as part of the 'Need for Speed' series?

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What year was the first Motorcycle GP/MotoGP game released?

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What year was Forza Motorsport released?

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As of December 2015, how many copies of Mario Kart titles have been sold worldwide? [Source: Nintendo]

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Lucas Ordonez won the first GT Academy, Nissan's breakthrough scheme with Gran Turismo, but in what year?

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How many different cars were included in 'Gran Turismo 6' (2013)?

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When was the first official 'Formula 1' video game released?

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Which video game giant is backing Motorsport Manager?

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