What's Your Passenger Personality?

Backseat driver, or Worshipper? Find out what kind of passenger you are, with our new quiz.

Created by Goodyear
On Sep 30, 2016

Are you female or male?

The driver makes a mistake while driving which frustrates other drivers, what do you do?

Another driver overtakes you both on a single road, what do you do?

When you're driving, would you rather listen to a radio talk show or drive in silence?

Your friend stalls while driving, what do you do?

Have you ever owned a personalised numberplate?

Would you rather drive an SUV / 4x4 or a Micro car (e.g. a Smart car)?

Would you rather your partner had their own car, or shared yours?

Did you pass your own driving test first time?

The Team Mate

The Team Mate

Team Mates think of the car as the prime social space, and act like a friendly ‘big brother’.

Conscious of not getting into a ‘carguement’ with their driver, or appearing geeky, they will stay quiet even if a manoeuvre isn’t quite right.

They will often be heard swearing at other drivers, even if it was their friend who made the mistake.

The Skipper

The Skipper

Skippers notice bad driving, but conscious of rocking the boat, they stay quiet and would rather the driver made their own mistakes.

They will happily help the driver with parking if asked, but only the once, and if they notice too many bad habits, they’ll likely make up an excuse so as not to travel with them again next time.

The Worshipper

The Worshipper

Worshippers like to take it easy as a passenger, and will often wind their seats back and enjoy the ride.

Happy to be in the company of their driver, they’ll rarely flag, or even notice, any concerns over driving style so as not to spoil any chances of grabbing a lift in future.

After all, it’s more than likely they haven’t even passed their own driving test.

The Backseat Driver

The Backseat Driver

Likely to have passed their driving test first time, the Backseat Driver believes they are an expert on the subject and is more than happy to point out any mistakes.

You’ll often find them firmly holding onto the door handle, and tutting in the passenger seat to the annoyance of the driver.