Which Tree Matches Your Personality?

Take this quiz to discover your soul tree and become one with nature.

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On Mar 7, 2021

Are you more:

Choose a landscape:

You are happiest in:

Which word best describes you?

Choose a flower:

Where would you prefer to live:

You’re most at ease when your life is:



Quiet and graceful, you are the willow tree. You prefer the winter months and love spending time in cooler climates. Socially you have a preference for one-on-one interactions or spending time with small groups. You are calm, grounded and wise, and take pleasure in a good book.

How many of these classics have you read? http://www.goodnet.org/articles/10-lifechanging-books-that-will-stay-you-forever



Friendly and outgoing, you are the eucalyptus tree. You live for summer, and prefer to spend time in warmer climates. You’re a social creature who feels confident in big crowds - even more so if they’re all listening to you! You love people, music and good stories.

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Flexible and easy-going, you are the oak tree. You’re happy in mild climates, and aren’t too bothered by the weather. You’re self-assured and wise, happy in the company of others yet content to spend time by yourself. You’re into healthy living, exercising regularly and take pleasure in helping others.

Take inspiration from this short TED Talk: http://www.goodnet.org/articles/ted-talk-week-how-to-live-be-100



Free-spirited and artistic, you are the cherry blossom. You see beauty everywhere in the world around you, and love combining different elements to create something new. You enjoy spending time with interesting people, hearing about their lives and taking inspiration. You live for travel, good food and art.

Get a dose of inspiration from these 9 uplifting pieces of street art: http://www.goodnet.org/articles/9-pieces-uplifting-street-art-from-around-world-list

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