What Does Your Body Language Say About You?

Without even speaking a word, our body language can convey powerful messages to people when we walk in a room. This body language quiz will help you look at how you carry yourself and the small changes you can make to send the right signals to set yourself up for social success.

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On Feb 17, 2019
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Which photo best describes your posture?

How often do you smile when out in public?

How often do you smile during a conversation?

When you walk into a room, which area would you most likely walk to first?

Do you look people in the eyes during a conversation?

How would you rate your handshake?

How would you describe your posture?

Which photo do you relate to the most?

Do you listen to other people speaking during a conversation?

How would you rate your confidence?

You naturally carry yourself with confidence.

You naturally carry yourself with confidence.

When walking into a room, people perceive you as successful because you tend to maintain a open, expansive posture similar to a runner crossing the finish line. You leave a good impression and make others feel valued because you usually look people in the eye and genuinely smile during a conversation.

Because you naturally exude confidence, make sure to avoid gestures that come off as arrogant such as holding your chin too high, pointing your finger, or crossing your arms. When meeting new people, make sure to use a firm handshake, but don’t grip too tightly as it will come off aggressive.

Self-assured, yet reserved.

Self-assured, yet reserved.

When you walk into a room, you tend to stay under the radar, especially in a room where you know few people or none at all. You are more likely to look people in the eyes and smile as long as you know the person well enough, a gesture that makes others feel valued.

If you want to leave a positive impression and appear more successful during an interview, business meeting, or when going out, try standing taller and more upright in the power pose (think a runner crossing the finish line). When you walk in a room, head towards the center to attract more attention and appear more confident. Make sure to use a firm, yet appropriate handshake when meeting someone. Acknowledging others with a genuine smile, even if you don’t know them, will help them to remember you more easily.

People perceive you as shy and reserved.

People perceive you as shy and reserved.

Maybe you are introverted or you just haven’t thought much about your body language before. Don’t be afraid to let your authentic self shine. Just a few small tweaks in body language will help leave a good impression during an interview, first date, or business meeting.

Standing tall and upright in a power posture (think runner crossing a finish line) will make you look and feel more successful. Try walking into the center or room or bar when entering a room to attract more positive attention. During a conversation, try to maintain a comfortable level of eye contact. Throw in a warm, genuine smile when it feels right to leave a favorable impression.

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