Do You Know the Many Names of Santa Claus?

You better be good, because Santa is making a list and checking it twice. In the US during this season, there is a Santa Claus in every mall and large department store. The red-clad, large-bellied and full white-bearded jolly Santa is everywhere from stores to TV in programs, Christmas movies, and commercials. There is a culture in the US of taking children to see Santa – usually in his North Pole replica village that is full of elves and sometimes Mrs. Claus too – and tell him the list of what you want him to bring you for Christmas. Children write letters addressed to Santa at the North Pole. He is on tree ornaments, lawn decorations, and on the Christmas cards received in the mail. The origins of the American Santa Claus came with the mixing of the many cultures in the great melting pot that is America. Every group that came to the US, brought their local traditions with them, including their names and versions of Santa. In some countries he is skinny and in some he is stout. In some countries he wears green and in some he wears red. He may wear a hat or a fur cape. No matter what, he is loved by all. How well do you know the many names of Santa?

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On Nov 28, 2019
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Try your hand at matching Santa's name to the country it came from.

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Der Weihnachtsmann

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Ded Moroz

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Noel Baba

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Father Christmas 

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Pére Noël

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