Who is the biggest Redcast historian?

From Ewald Jumbo Stiehm to Scott Frost, a look at Cornhusker Football through the Years

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On Mar 29, 2018
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How many all-time Bowl Appearances has Nebraska made?

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Which Nebraska fight song is played after a touchdown?

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Who penned "Not The Victory But The Action: Not The Goal But The Game: In The Deed the Glory" on the southwest corner of Memorial Stadium?

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Which B1G school does NU have a .500 record all-time against?

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Who was the Florida defensive coordinator during the 62-24 beatdown at the hands of NU in the 1996 Fiesta Bowl?

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How many times has Nebraska had 3 players taken in the 1st round of the NFL Draft?

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How many points did Nebraska score in back-to-back to games to end the 1910 season and start the 1911 season?

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How many Heisman Trophy winners have graduated from a Nebraska high school?

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Husker coaching great Ewold O. "Jumbo" Steihm was Head Coach of the football team for 5 seasons and basketball for 4 seasons between 1911-1915. How many total losses did he have during this time (hint: he coached 109 games total).

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Nebraska has the most Outland Trophy winners of any school in the nation. How many Outland awards have gone to a Husker?

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