Which Fall Out Boy Band Member Are You?

Are you more Patrick, Pete, Joe or Andy?

Gisselle Gonzalez
On Mar 29, 2017

What would you most likely being doing on a Saturday afternoon?

What is your favorite food?

Do you think you are more cheeky or serious?

Favorite Fall Out Boy Song?

Favorite animal?

How would your friends describe you?

Favorite sport?

Favorite Youtuber?

Who do you trust the most?

Patrick Stump

Patrick Stump

Congratulations, you got Patrick Stump! You are a kind, sensitive, amazing person. People can trust you and enjoy being around you. You are always there for your friends when they need help.. You hate when people are rude, and hate to hurt or offend people. You value people who are confident. You are controlled, capable, dynamic, and efficient. You should definitely be proud of who you are!

"When you have a bad day, a really bad day, try and treat the world better than it treated you." -Patrick Stump

Pete Wentz

Pete Wentz

Congratulations, you got Pete Wentz. You are very confident of yourself and don't care what people think. (I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK AS LONG AS IT'S ABOUT ME! :D) You are very outspoken and aren't afraid to let people know what you think. You're friendly and enjoy talking to other people. You can get annoyed sometimes, but get over it quickly.

"Here's to the kids that speak their minds." -Pete Wentz

Joe Trohman

Joe Trohman

Congratulations, you got Joe Trohman! You are a friendly person who always looks out for your friends and family. You are very gentle and caring. You have a sensitive side and are not afraid of showing it. You're very neat and clean, and can't stand mess. You also have a very clean appearance. You are very patient, understanding, and a good listener. You make others around you feel loved.

"We don't really like the label thing at all. Everyone likes to categorize and simply everything. Why? Don't try to describe it. Just listen to it for what it is." -Joe Trohman

Andy Hurley

Andy Hurley

Congratulations, you got Andy Hurley! You are deeply concerned about the world around you. You are athletic are a hard worker. You are precise and take great care of yourself and others. You are disciplined and responsible. You are one of the more quieter people.

"I would like to thanks my fans....GermEx... and Brad Pitt." -Andy Hurley