How Ethical Are Your Thoughts In A Modern Society?

Are you up to date with how the world is moving or do you preserve some old school morals.

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On Dec 29, 2016

What diet do you have?

How often do you use social media?

Abortion is...

Euthanasia is...

How do you feel about pregnancy?

What is your religious outlook?

Drugs are...

Relationships to you are...

Plastic surgery is...

Modern Day Millie

Modern Day Millie

You are moving with the times and are part of a new generation of thinkers. You believe in breaking every single mold and type of construction that we have been brought up to believe. You believe that we have the right to choose whatever we want and you are pro-people's choice and love defending human rights. You can be found at the forefront of a protest and you will never stop fighting for what you believe in. You understand the world is changing and you are the future.

Between Past and Present

Between Past and Present

You were brought up in a society that taught you how to do things and why and you find yourself in the middle of modern society. You believe and understand how the world is moving but you are not sure if everything that is progressing is positive. Everything must have limits and choices and you are between these ideals looking at every moral factor and assessing each independent case before making any rash decisions.

Past Ages

Past Ages

You are a person of moral high ground and believe in doing what is ethically right in your opinion. You have been brought up in a world that you don't completely understand and as it is moving so quickly you feel like elements of what make the world wonderful are being lost. You are an idealist and love to fight for what you believe in. Technology is saturating the world and you want to keep it grass roots. You will never stop fighting for what you feel.