Can You Pass This Exquisite Etiquette Test?

Do you think your manners are perfect in every single way? Take this Etiquette test and let's see how you would fit in amongst the upper classes!

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On Jun 2, 2017
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You are on a country walk and you pass a stranger, what do you do?

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You have ordered a delicious dish in a fine dining restaurant and the soup is cold. What do you do?

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You have had a few too many champers, what happens next?

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You are invited to a lavish dinner do. What musn't you do?

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You have just met Dr Peter Larson. What do you call him?

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You are bursting for the toilet at a formal event, how do you escape?

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A political debate comes up in a discussion at a dinner party, how do you stand on the point?

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You are waiting in line at the Post Office and someone pushes in-front of you, what do you do?

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You are sat down at a table eating, which is the most important thing to remember to do?

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You must eat with the knife in which hand?

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You leave the bill at the end of a meal, how do you tip?

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If you are hosting a tea party, how would you serve your tea?

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How do you hold your teacup?

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You have just bought a house, you...

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