Are You A Workaholic?

Would you consider yourself one?

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On Jul 13, 2016

I prefer to do most things rather than ask for help

When you are waiting for someone to finish a task, how do you feel?

How often do you look at your watch?

How good are you at multi-tasking?

Are you a yes or no person?

When someone interrupts you, how do you feel?

When you are not busy, how do you feel?

Which mental state do you live in?

Your weekend is full of...



You are a work work work work workaholic as Rihranna would say. You're happiest when you're working towards your longer term goals, and don't mind putting life on hold for a while now so you can have the best possible life in the future. Work hard now, play hard in the future, that's your motto.

Hard Worker

Hard Worker

You are an honest hard worker and love life in the fast lane. You love what you do and you do it well, however you understand that there is more to life that just working your socks off. You're all about balance, and you've somehow managed to achieve the perfect mix of a job you like and a life you love as well.

No - you're more into playing hard

No - you're more into playing hard

Work is definitely not your priority in life and you prefer to enjoy the finer things. Your job is just the boring thing you do from 9-5 to so you can afford to have the life you want to live. You feel sorry for all of those people who work long hours for most of their life, preferring instead to stop, daily, to enjoy the smaller things and smell the roses. Life is for living, after all.