Can You Name The Mythical Creature From The Description?

How well can you match the descriptions to the following mythological spirits and creatures?

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On Mar 21, 2016
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A flying horse from Greek Mythology

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A deadly snake-like creature that is death to anywho who sees it

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A sea creature from Greek Mythology that is part horse, part fish

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A supernatural beast that usually takes the form of an enormous dog

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This spirit can transform itself into almost any shape to work its pranks

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A deadly creature with the body of a cockerel and the tail of a snake

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This creature has the body of a blood-red lion, the face and ears of a man, a ferocious moth with a triple row of teeth and a tail that is fanned at the end with poisonous spines

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A hag who rides through the air in a mortar propelled by the pestle, or in a great iron kettle with her sweeping fiery broom

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An Arabian type of water spirit that humans should be wary of looking at because seeing one is said to be fatal

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A winged reptile with an extra head on the end of its long prehensile tail

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