Can You Answer These 21 Questions Every Dr Who Fan Should Know?

Are you in the top 3% of Dr Who fans?

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On Mar 29, 2017

What is the name of the homeplanet of the Slitheen who take over Downing Street in series 2?

What job did Donna Noble's granddad have?

The Doctor has which 'type' of Tardis?

Where did the Ice Warriors come from?

What does TARDIS stand for?

What can't Captain Jack Harris do?

Who teamed up with Sontaran to take over the world in the Sarah Jane adventures?

Which British town does the doctor refuel his Tardis in?

What company were the Cyberman made by?

How did Dr Who defeat the Wire?

Who said appearing in Dr Who was "the equivalent of knighthood"?

Porridge is also known as Emperor Ludens Nimrod Kendrick Cord Longstaff the what?

Exactly how many episodes of the show did Douglas Camfield direct?

Why is planet Midnight so dangerous?

Who is the only actor to hold the distinction of appearing in Doctor Who, Star Wars and Star Trek?

Which of the following ways has NOT triggered a regeneration?

How do Time Lords conceal their nature and become human?

What colour is Davros’s blood?

Who was the fourth Doctor?

The Dulcians resemble Time Lords in what odd way?

Where do the Ood live?

In the top 3% of Dr Who Fans

In the top 3% of Dr Who Fans

Congrats on being an absolute Dr Who nerd - you're in the top 3% of Doctor Who fans.

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In the top 15% of Dr Who Fans?

You're in the top 15% of most knowledgable fans but some carefully studied tv watching wouldn't go a miss. Keep up to date with all kinds of daring Dr activity on those cold nights!

In the bottom 50% of most knowledgable fans

In the bottom 50% of most knowledgable fans

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