Bitmain Multimillion Dollar Mining Hardware Scam

George W.
Created by George W.
On Feb 26, 2018
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Bitmain Multimillion Dollar Mining Hardware Scam

If you're thinking to buy mining hardware from Bitmain then you should read this article first.

I will begin my analysis starting from the many negative reviews left by clients on

Bitmain is rated only one star on TrustPilot with almost an unanimity of negative reviews.

Now, let's take a closer look at what their clients have to say and findout why Bitmain is a scam.

The latest comments shows two different ways of how clients were scammed by Bitmain.

Shakti Khatri says: "Bitmain is Fraud. it has cheated me for 10,786 $ in Order # 0012017090500231 & 0012017081901515 of D3 for Nov Delivery. When delivery came near they denied for delivering in india and said for Refund but till yet i've not received anything and now not replying on ticket or mail at all after a lot of emails and tickets.
Now, i want to go for legal . Please help me whoever can."

So, the first way to get scammed by Bitmain is to order a product, pay for it but never receive it. Basically, Bitmain takes your money but will never deliver the miners.

Sandra, another client scammed by Bitmain is saying: "Dodgy liars I ordered 2 antminer S9 and two PSU. I had expressed to them via email that I wanted to buy 3 but later decided I couldn’t due to power supply in Aus as I would short cuircat the whole house, so I ordered 2 which they allowed me to pay for and said my payment had been received in BTC. This was equivalent to $6000.00 AUD which was way more than the stated $4370. USD. Now they are saying I had to order 4 and are refusing to refund my money. Liars crooks and thieves
I am contacting lawyers today and am interested if anyone else would like to join me in a class action against them"

We can notice that another way of Bitmain scamming the clients is to ask for additional purchases (meaning asking for more money) to be made in order for the desired products to be delivered.

In both cases the clients lose a lot of money while Bitmain doesn't care at all, not even to give proper replies to clients support requests.

At the moment there are over 20 negative reviews on TrustPilot and Bitmain is rated one star, basically the worst possible rating that can be given on TrustPilot.