What We Want To See From E3 2018

There are a ton of games coming to E3 2018. Major AAA titles to small indies experiences. We've put together our list of games we want to see, or hope to see at the show next week.


Beyond Good & Evil 2

The original Beyond Good & Evil was a great game, even becoming something of a cult classic. They've been stringing us along for about 15 years. We want to see it, we want eyes on it to know it's happening. All you have to say to make us jump was Beyond Good & Evil 2.


A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence was a sight to behold when we saw it behind closed doors at last year's show. Here's to hoping the team releases something new and we get a chance to play this one at the show next week. Fingers crossed!


Mega Man 11

The new installment that Capcom's got brewing is the first new Mega Man game since Keiji Inafune left. And, as a side note, it's the first time since the 90's that a new classic series Mega Man game has actually utilized modern features. It looks so good.


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (Switch)

It's Monster Hunter, we love it, 'nuff said.


Halo Infinity

We are going on nothing but rumors based on a tweet, but it would make sense for Microsoft to make a huge announcement regarding the Halo franchise, even if it isn't Halo Infinity. The Xbox One could really use a strong exclusive.


Starlink: Battle for Atlas

Ubisoft showed off their initial batch for the game last year. The models were pretty cool, and the whole thing utilizes a concept that really hasn't been used in the Toys to Life genre: letting you swap parts on the fly.


Super Smash Bros.

Who on earth wouldn't want to sink their teeth into a new Smash Bros. game.


The Last of Us: Part II

The Last of Us: Part II is going to be a really big deal for Sony at E3 2018. The game was announced back in 2016, so we expect some big things for this sequel to one of the most important games to ever release on the PS3.


Team Sonic Racing

The Sonic & Sega Racing games have all been pretty good overall. And given the fact that the same team is working on Team Sonic Racing, you can probably bet that the game will be good. Well, unless Sega does something crazy.


Star Fox: Grand Prix

This one is far from being confirmed, but we did get a leak of the logo samples so chances are Nintendo will at least tease something. The Star Fox side-story games have never been all that great, but the idea of a Star Fox racing game has us intrigued. Still, we'd be more happy with a new F-Zero, but hopefully Star Fox: Grand Prix can fill that need.


Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt has been teasing us with this since before Spoony had his meltdown. If it's there this year, we want to see what they've got. And with something as amazing as The Witcher 3 under their belt this one should be utterly massive.


Dragon Quest (Builders?) 2

Since that crazy Walmart leak, we've been wondering whether this is supposed to be a remake of Dragon Quest 2, or the sequel to Dragon Quest Builders. If it's at the show, we'll find out. And since Square Enix is doing a presentation the chances of it being at least teased is good.


Metroid Prime 4

Metroid's a pretty big deal. Doubly so as it's a continuation of the Prime series, especially after the lackluster Metroid: Other M travesty.

A lot of hopes riding on this one and we are expecting Nintendo to show something off this year in earnest.


Project Octopath Traveler

The game launches next month, and it already has our attention, since it's being made by the team behind the Bravely Default games.

We expect a lot on demo stations on the floor to get our hands on the game before it drops.


Shenmue 3

I'll admit that I'm woefully behind on my Shenmue knowledge by literally every game in the series. But others in the office can't stop raving about how the game changed the gaming landscape and deserves a solid ending to its story.


Fallout 76

Just the mention of a new Fallout game will have the internet going crazy. Sure, most Fallout "fans" haven't played anything before Fallout 3, but the 3D games have been so impressive we'll let it slide. It looks like Fallout 76 will be an online survival-type RPG that predates all the games, so expect to see something quite different.


Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Spyro's getting the Crash Bandicoot treatment. We want to see how true to memory it is, if it's there. At the very least it's good to see Spyro back and not the forgotten mascot of the Skylanders toy craze.



We don't know much of anything other than the Nintendo Switch is getting a new Yoshi game. So we can't give up on the idea of a worthy successor to Yoshi's Island. We assume Nintendo will drop some news during next weeks show.