What is reality?

Documentary, "What Is Reality," reveals a surprising scientific answer from one of the world's largest scientific groups working on a theory of everything.

Los Angeles based Quantum Gravity Research (www.QuantumGravityResearch.org) is one of the largest physics research groups in the world working on unification physics - or the search for the "theory of everything." As part of their public education program, Mad Machine Films (www.MadMachineFilms.com) and director David Jakubovic have produced What Is Reality, a high production value and surprisingly entertaining explanation of their advanced theoretical physics ideas. But there's a catch…

It turns out that the growingly popular view of physicists that reality is made of information may require the existence of some strange form of universal consciousness to actualize this information into physically "real" existence. As fantastical as this seems, the idea is based on rigorous logic, as the film explains. 

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The scientific institute's director, Klee Irwin, commented, "Starting with the series Cosmos with Carl Sagan and including modern productions like Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, it is clear there is a growing swell of public interest in the deep questions about reality and philosophy that the search for the theory of everything is shedding light on. We are pleased to see the early viral popularity of our recent online release, What Is Reality – it shows that this subject is still gaining interest."

Up-and-coming documentarian and producer/director of the film, David Jakubovic, said, "This project has been transformative for me personally, as I've realized the strength of the link between the most important questions of philosophy and religion and the search for the theory of everything. Creating a science film that successfully conveys complex physics ideas while maintaining a high entertainment and amusement value was one of the most enjoyable projects of my career.