The Worst Nintendo Switch Games Money Can Buy

Stay away from these stinkers at all costs. You've been warned.


Vroom in the Night Sky

Vroom in the Night Sky is a disaster from start to limp finish. This will easily go down as the worst Nintendo Switch game for the console, and that's knowing full well that the Nintendo Switch have several years of life left in it.

Vroom in the Night Sky is the sort of game you buy and then feel bad about for owning. You'll be lucky to get more than an hour of gameplay, the length only being extended because the game communicates nothing to the player.

If Superman 64 defined the worst of that console generation, Vroom in the Night Sky does it for the current generation. This is the game you buy for your gamer girlfriend/boyfriend to let them know it's over.

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You know how Superman 64 featured rings you had to fly through? Well, Vroom in the Night Sky pits a witch on a motorbike racing really fast catching stars; that's it. At least Superman 64 had regular levels of action in-between. Vroom in the Night Sky does the same thing over and over.

There are no obstacles, no challenge, no enemies, no way to lose. There just really isn't any point to the game other than to collect new bikes that might increase your speed by a single tick. It's the worst kind of grind and it sucks. It also looks worse than Superman 64. I'm sick just talking about it.



R.B.I. Baseball is a historic game with a long history dating all the way back to the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the first game to be licensed by the Major League Baseball Players Association.

The series took a break after the 1995 season before coming back in 2014. Unfortunately, since 1995 baseball games evolved quite a bit and the R.B.I. series was always playing catchup to newly established series.

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Then one day the R.B.I. series just gave up and decided to destroy its own name and history by consistently releasing garbage. The games sold on the name and legacy until there was no name or legacy left.

R.B.I. BASEBALL 17 is a complete disaster. It's a sports game that has no idea what it wants to be. I know that sounds crazy as you'd figure baseball is, well, baseball, but that isn't the case here.

Sometimes it wants to be a proper simulation; sometimes it wants to be and arcade game. The graphics look like they were ported from a mobile game and the animations are similarly lacking. You're better off playing the NES original.



The only positive thing one can say about the generically titled Tennis is that when you search for it online you'll be directed to pages and pages of websites talking about Mario Tennis Aces before you find a mention of this title.

Tennis is about as simple as it gets. In fact, it's probably as basic as the Tennis mini-game in Wii Sports that came out two Nintendo consoles ago at this point. We've seen more in-depth Tennis games on smartphones than this full eShop release.

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Tennis isn't horrible it's just so barebones you'll wonder how it ever got approved for release. You'll be lucky to get and hour or two of content to play through which is unacceptable for a sports title.

The graphics look like they came from the Nintendo 64 and each character looks like a cheap palette swap plays that way. It's a paint by numbers sort of title where you only have two partially dried up paints to work with.

The game does feature a power shot mechanic which is neat, but it only makes the game easier than it already is. You can also earn points that I think go toward upgrades, but that's just a guess as we never figured out what they were used for.



Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy is such a weird title. How does an epic JRPG with tons of cute looking characters offer up such a dull and lifeless adventure? It's a game where you just run about killing stuff and that's really about it.

Sure, most games can be summed up in that manner but Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy just lacks anything outside of the basic combat. The characters are are boring and are hard to get behind.

They look cute from a distance, and if you squint a bit, but as this is a port of a VITA game everything is blown up and blown out, as the hip kids would say. And the story holds us even worse.

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Monsters have taken over the world and humanity seems to have been pushed back to a single village. Humanity invents some mcguffin and some randos go out to save the world. Add in long and drawn out cutscenes where nothing happens and you have a game that'll put you to sleep out of boredom.

It's a by the numbers adventure that focuses on grind right from the first mission. And yes, it's a mission based game, so don't expect to explore a huge RPG world. You go from the town hub right into a mission and repeat until you lose your mind.

Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy is a game that's just so utterly boring, and that's probably the worst thing a game can be. I'd rather play a terrible game because there's fun in making fun, but here you just fall asleep at the wheel.


WWE 2K18

WWE 2K18 is such a bad game that 2K Games decided to not even release WWE 2K19 on the Nintendo Switch. They didn't even bother trying to fix things because the core game and engine simply didn't work on the Nintendo Switch.

The game is a rushed joke that embarrassed just about everyone involved. Sure, the game doesn't look as good as it's PS4 and Xbox One counterparts, but that really isn't the issue here.

Where the game falls apart is in the atrocious framerates that aren't consistent in any capacity. This is a major studio release that is a stain on the Nintendo Switch as a whole and is almost enough to warrant a clash action lawsuit for how bad it is.

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Screenshots make the game look pretty nice, but playing it is an outright joke. If you play a match with more that two wrestlers the game slows to single-digits making it unplayable. They knew this and still sold it at full price hoping to scam money out of wrestling fans before moving on.

Add in random glitches and you have a nightmare of an experience. Don't buy this game, not even as a joke. I know the less that $10 price on Amazon is enticing but just please don't suffer like we did.

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