Geocaching Etiquette Quiz

Find out what sort of impact your geocaching makes. Do you leave a trail of angry geocachers in your wake? Or does your geocaching put a smile on other cachers' faces?

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On Oct 11, 2016
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Which of the following should NOT be written on a geocache container?

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True or False: Trade items, also known as "SWAG" (Stuff We All Get), found in geocaches should be traded for other items that are of equal or greater value.

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Before hiding a geocache in a forest or park make sure to get permission from...

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If a geocache owner moves and can no longer take care of their geocache they should...

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The following are all good SWAG items except...

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Which of the following is good to keep in mind while geocaching?

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True or False: It is always okay to post pictures of a geocache in its exact hiding spot

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How long is it acceptable to keep a travel bug in your inventory before notifying the owner it will be traveling again soon?

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How does one properly follow the CITO philosophy?

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Which of the following is an example of an awesome log?

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