Ultimate Zombie Apocalypse Quiz

Will you survive the impending zombie outbreak, take this quiz to find out.

Gavin Seaver
Created By Gavin Seaver
On Oct 23, 2017

What is the most important item in the zombie apocalypse?

What is the ideal weapon in the zombie apocalypse?

Who are you tied to most in a dire situation?

What word describes you as a whole?

Do you prepare for a catastrophic event?

Do you know a lot about zombies?

Your mother has turned into a zombie. What do you do?

Are you good with maps?

Can you fight without weapons?

If you are bitten on your leg what would you do?

You will make it to the end

You will make it to the end

Congratulations, you survived the apocalypse, stock up on water, food, some ammo, and other necessities. I hope to meet you in the broken world.

You made it halfway through

You made it halfway through

You made it through midway in the broken world. Your senses are sharp in this world but could use work. Train smarter, not harder!

You will die early

You will die early

The zombies will get to you faster than you can say "Carl" You will not survive the zombie apocalypse unfortunately, so spend time with your loved ones. You need to look up ways to survive on the internet, take more of my quizzes, and you need to start training!