Learn how to pick up a Polish girl

There’s no doubt that you are still willing to take a risk. Let’s see which actions will help you to attract this stubborn beauty then!

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Meet a Polish girls in 2018

If you ever wanted to pick up or date a Polish girl, we can easily understand you. Polish girls have a class, they are slim and sexy, and usually very stylish. But as long as you decided to take a chance, we can only wish you luck! These girls are not very easy to get!

First of all, they perfectly know how cool and attractive they are. They understand a man’s nature and the realistic necessity to share him with other hot chicks, but in fact, they are rarely able to accept that. Polish jealousy and revenge can be very refined and not so obvious. But you won’t forget these terrible consequences of being careless, that’s for sure!

There’s no doubt that you are still willing to take a risk. Let’s see which actions will help you to attract this stubborn beauty then!

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She will definitely choose you with her mind if you dress well, have prestigious accessories, and know how to be gallant without being too old-fashioned. Polish women are very modern and progressive and can appear feminists. So watch out if you tend to be over-protective or patronizing!

However, if she chooses you with her heart, any disadvantages will be immediately forgiven. How can it happen? Well, Polish girls are quite unpredictable in that. Some of them just adore «bad guys», cocky womanizers with the bristle. Others want some sort of romantic hippie who would feed them with spiritual ideas and concepts. But in any case, if it «clicks» between you and her, you have nothing else to worry about.

That’s why you have to be a good psychologist. Observe her from the distance first and try to «read» her personality, listen carefully to her words addressed to friends or people around. Try to guess her social status too. Notice what she looks at. If you practice a little bit, you’ll succeed in 15 minutes. Then just go and win her heart – or whatever you want to win.

Keep in mind that most of the Polish girls are bossy. It can be expressed in different forms, but the root of this trait is her independence. She knows how to organize things around her and is very strong in character. If she falls for you, she may be dictating with everyone except you. She can create the best conditions for you and comfort you in every possible way, but be careful and don’t cross the line. She will not tolerate the non-equal relationship for a very long time. Of course, it should not bother you if the two of you agreed for one-night-stand, but if you want a more profound and lasting connection with this gorgeous Polish princess, be wise. Her patience won’t be endless.

So what are the typical mistakes that can ruin your brilliant plan on kissing those hot lips? Let’s summarize together:

-         Never control her too much as she is extremely freedom-loving.
-         Don’t show her your low level of education (if that is the case) or the lack of understanding: she wants a smart man.
-         Don’t waste her time or money: she will quickly notice that.
-         Don’t try to buy her either: try to intrigue her with your personality instead.
-         Don’t play cheaply with the words like «love», she has a built-in detector of lies and false intonations.
-         Don’t show her your interest in other girls. If you do, you cannot count on a hot kiss for sure! It will rather be the warmish «goodbye».

That’s basically all you have to remember while making attempts to pick up a Polish young lady. If you follow these simple instructions, you may hit the lottery as this sexy treasure can satisfy you in so many ways. Polish women are naturally beautiful, they tend to stay in a great shape and to avoid the heavy make-up. It’s easy for them to look very classy and shic when needed, but they manage to remain bright and breath-taking in their casual outfit, too. They may look like innocent angels or bitchy business ladies on a public, but they will always pleasantly surprise you in a bed. Interested? Then keep on hunting and hurry up to catch this treasure!

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