Two Truths And A Lie: Smoothies Edition

Can you spot the lie in each set of smoothie facts? Select which one doesn't belong!

Eat This, Not That!
On Jun 29, 2016
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Toss these popular foods into the blender. (Pick the lie.)

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For sweetness, you should always rely on the following. (Pick which one you shouldn't rely on!)

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None of these protein powders belong in your smoothie. (Pick which one you SHOULD use.)

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Make one of these your go-to Jamba Juice order. (Pick which one is a no-no!)

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Be sure to sprinkle in these spices. (Pick which one to skip!)

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The Hulk Strawberry from Smoothie King has... (Pick which one isn't true.)

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These store-bought smoothies are a no-go. (Pick which one is okay.)

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